What Is The Best Beard Comb To Tame The Bush?

What is the best beard comb? If you want to rock a beard and look good, you are going to need to tame the beard or else you are going to look like a crazy person that speaks to themselves!

crazy person

Do I really Need a Comb for My Beard?

You can just use a regular comb on your beard, right? Sure…if you want to be basic savage! A man always uses the right tool for the right job. And there is also a good reason for beard combs. Your beard hair is different to the hair on your head as it can sometimes be thicker and/or coarser. Beard combs have long and wide teeth to allow for a comfortable comb through your beard hair without damaging the hair itself.

The 5 Best Beard Comb Choices

Below I look at 5 beard combs that I really like. Are there other beard combs out there that could be argued to be the best beard comb? Of course! There are a lot of beard combs that are out there, which are really good. I just listed 5 that I like and that I think are really good options. If you have a beard comb that you think is the best beard comb, which I didn’t discuss, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Kent Fine-Toothed Moustache and Beard Comb, Model 81T

Measuring at only 3 inches from end to end, this 73 mm comb from Kent is extra small for precision and convenience. The Model 81T is handmade and hand finished with no seams. Despite its tiny size, it is a very substantially made, durable comb with a significant heft to it. The teeth move very easily even through coarse hair and do not bite or pull at the sensitive skin on the upper lip. This fine comb is a quality product at a bargain. However, because of its very small size and fine teeth, it is not the best beard comb for long beards. It is most effective for mustache or very short beards that need light grooming.


  • Compact for easy carrying
  • Excellent quality material
  • Doesn’t pull or scratch at skin or hair
  • Deep teeth for its size
  • Very affordable


  • More effective for mustaches than long beards because of its small size
  • Not eligible for return

Huntsman Handmade Sandalwood Beard Comb and Mustache Brush

Known as “the original beard company,” Huntsman produces some of the finest beard and mustache combs on the market today, with their best beard comb being their handmade sandalwood model. Their handmade beard comb and mustache brush is made of fine sandalwood durable enough to resist everyday wear and tear. Most notably, this comb comes with two different sides for effective brushing on fine or coarse beards. The teeth are impeccably carved and distribute oil evenly throughout your beard. The included travel bag is big enough for the comb itself and your favorite beard oil or balm. Its light sandalwood scent is refreshing and not at all overwhelming. For someone who is looking for durability and versatility, I think that Huntsman makes the best beard comb on the market today.

Also worth noting: Huntsman provides some of the best customer service out there. If there is an issue with your comb, they will let you keep the defective item and will send you a new one free of charge.


  • Light sandalwood scent
  • Flawlessly hand-carved teeth
  • Anti-static
  • Two sides for use on fine or coarse hair
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Included carrying case can also carry oil and balm


  • Because it is a wood product, teeth may be prone to warping over time with temperature and humidity

EQLEF® Green Sandalwood No-Static Handmade Beard Comb

This EQLEF handmade beard comb is made of green sandalwood for a static-free combing experience. Its finish is smooth and comfortable to hold. The two different sides with different teeth allow for versatility on fine or coarse hair. Although this comb is made of sandalwood, it seems to be treated with some sort of chemical which has a notable smell. This comb is comparable to the Huntsman double-sided comb, but the quality is slightly less and it doesn’t seem to be the best beard comb for long-term use. However, if you are looking for your first beard comb, this is a budget option that has a lot of similar properties to its pricier counterparts, and I think it could be the best beard comb to get started with.


  • Double-sided with two different teeth sizes
  • No static and will not snag on hair
  • Smooth finish
  • Great size for carrying in your pocket


  • Noticeable chemical smell upon first opening
  • Teeth are prone to breaking
  • Wood is of mediocre quality

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Natural Sandalwood Beard Comb

Rocky Mountain Barber Company specializes in handcrafted beard and mustache combs, and their natural sandalwood beard comb is one of the best on the market. From start to finish, the attention to detail on this product is superb. The rock hard sandalwood is durable and feels great in your hand. They took the sandalwood scent to another level here by smoking it, giving it a great woodsy smell that just improves when you add oil to the mix. The comb comes packaged in a beautiful wooden box with a padded velvet-style interior, so it looks great displayed on your bathroom counter or dresser. The combination of style, durability, and effectiveness makes this one of my top picks for best beard comb on the market today.


  • Handmade with the finest quality sandalwood
  • Great smoked-sandalwood scent
  • Beautiful packaging looks great on the counter
  • No static, tugging, or pulling
  • Best beard comb for gifting


  • Teeth on both side are the same
  • Wood teeth are prone to warping if exposed to moisture

Mr. Rugged Wooden Beard Comb

The Mr. Rugged Wooden Beard Comb is handcrafted from all-natural pear wood. Its teeth are perfectly spaced for even the thickest and coarsest beards, and they distribute oils and balms evenly through the hair. Pear wood runs smoothly through the hair with no snags or static. The biggest drawback with this comb is that it has only one side and one tooth width. The wide teeth are great for coarse, difficult to comb hair, but this is not the best beard comb for final styling as there are no fine teeth.


  • Handmade from fine-quality pear wood
  • Evenly distributes oils and balms
  • Gentle on beards to promote growth
  • Static and snag-free, even on coarse beards
  • Backed by a 30-day full refund guarantee


  • Only has one side and one tooth width
  • The ends of the teeth are a bit sharp
  • Not the best beard comb for final styling

What Do You Think – What Is The Best Beard Comb?

I listed 5 beard combs that I think are great and really like, but I know there are other great beard combs out there that other guys might argue are in fact the best beard comb. If you have some thoughts on it, please share it in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you!


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Atena - November 30, 2016

I would like to say that today’s generation everybody want heavy hairs so for this purpose one great chance of heavy hairs is to use comb which is wooden comb.Wooden comb has it’s own quality which is great.

Anaya - July 24, 2017

Thanks for these amazingly “comby” tips, hope it will come handy. Keep sharing and caring.


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