Shaving Tips For Newbies

When you start out shaving those few whiskers off your face, it seems pretty simple. All you need to do is lather your face with some shaving cream and then start shaving, right?! Well, there are some things that you should do to make sure you get a good clean shave that leaves your face and skin looking (and feeling) good! Even if you have been shaving for years and your dad did teach you some of the tips below, you may have forgotten about them by now (I know I sometimes get so caught up on the high pace of life that I forget to do a lot of the things below).

Tip #1 – Pull your skin tight

How often do you get out of the bathroom after having shaved, only to feel that patch of hair that you missed? I know I do it ALL THE TIME! And it drives me nuts when I feel that pesky last patch that I missed. The reason that happens is the razor doesn’t get to all the hairs in some places where there are nooks and crannies. The simple solution: pull your skin tight to make sure you offer the blade of the razor a flat (or as flat as your skin can go anyway) surface. That way the blade will have the maxim opportunity to get to the hairs and shave them as short as possible. The flatter surface will also help that you do not cut yourself as much as you would normally do.

Tip #2 – Take your time

Let’s be honest, most of us are running through life at a hectic pace. Everything is go go go! And that sometimes means that even things like shaving our face can be a bit of a rush. However rushing through a shave will only result on you probably missing some spots and/or cutting yourself. Taking a bit more time to carefully and purposefully shave will allow you to be more accurate and thorough…which will probably actually save you time in the long run as you do not need to go back and get those missed spots or try to patch up that cut you got!

Tip #3 – Use pre-shave oil

Pre-shave oil is something that your dad probably didn’t use and that you probably have never really used. However pre-shave oil softens your beard so that your razor can cut through the hairs easier without pulling on your skin or causing irritation. So to avoid sensitive and irritated skin, dab some pre-shave oil on before you start shaving!

Tip #4 – Shave with or across the direction of growth

When I first started shaving, I used to often shave up against the grain of the hair…especially that bit between my throat and chin. I did this because I felt it gave a much closer shave. However shaving against the direction of the hair growth leads to razor burn and ingrown hairs. For those areas where shaving with the direction of growth is not possible, try shaving across the grain.

Tip #5 – Don’t overshave

Personally, I prefer not to shave each and every day. Giving your hair a bit of chance to grow again helps to avoid ingrown hairs and skin irritation. Obviously some guys have to shave each and every day (your job requires it or you just have crazy growing hair!), but over the weekends when you can, it is recommended to just let the stubble out a bit – besides, women love a stubble!

Wrapping up

Shaving is a part of life for most of us guys out there. Take the time and make it into something that is relaxing and that leaves you feeling (and looking) good.


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