How To Use Shaving Soap – The Easy 5 Step Guide

If you are a Neanderthal like me, you use shaving gel and smear it on your face with your hands. But if you are a bit more sophisticated and like to do a proper shave, then you probably want to go the route of using proper shaving soap with a shaving brush. Using shaving soap allows you to create a nice rich lather that feels good on your skin and makes for a nice clean shave.

Shaving Soap vs Shaving Cream

In this article I will primarily be looking at how to use shaving soap, and not shaving cream. The primary advantages of shaving soap over aerosol shaving creams is the additional hydration provided by shaving soaps. For optimal softening of whiskers, the natural oils on the face and whiskers must be removed. After oil is removed from the whiskers by the shaving soap and brush, water can more easily penetrate the whiskers. This results in hair being more easily cut than when using soapless creams and not brushing.

The principal disadvantages of shaving soap is the lack of convenience and space. Creating the lather and preparing the face is more time consuming than with shaving creams or gels.

For me though what I really like is that shaving soap is more eco-friendly than aerosol shaving creams!

Things you need to have with you

This may seem obvious to some of you, but let’s take a minute to make sure what the right items are that we need before we get started on how to use shaving soap:

  1. Your shaving brush
  2. Shaving bowl (you can use any bowl or mug, just make sure it is big enouh for you to be able to swirl your shabing brush in it)
  3. The shaving soap…
  4. Warm waterhow to use shaving soap lather

The 5 steps to using shaving soap

Now that we have everything ready that we need, we can proceed on to how to use shaving soap. The objective will be to build up a good smooth lather.

  1. Wet your shaving brush under warm/hot water for a bit so your brush’s hair will soak up some of the water and soften. I usually fill my sink with hot water and leave my brush in the water for a little while (maybe a minute or so). Once you take your brush out of the water, let the bulk of the water drip out so your brush is not too wet/soaked.
  2. While your brush is soaking in the hot water, you can start prepping your soap. This is simply done by putting some shaving soap into your bowl and adding a little bit of hot water to it (but just a little, maybe a teaspoon or so).
  3. Once your brush is nice and wet, take your shaving bowl and soap to start lathering the soap. You can build a nice lather by using circular motion with your brush onto the soap in the bowl. After about half a minute or so, your soap should be in a mice thick and warm lather.
  4. When you have built up a nice thick lather, use your shaving brush to massage the lather onto your face by using gentle circular motions. This way your hair will be soft and raised by the shaving brush (with will help your razor to get closer to your skin for a nice close shave).
  5. Once you have sufficiently covered your face with lather, you can start shaving!

And those 5 steps are how to use shaving soap!

Wrapping up – How to use shaving soap

This was a quick guide on how to use shaving soap, but I hope this helps you out. As always, experiment and see what works best for you.

Happy shaving!


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