How To Tie A Tie

Every man will have to tie a tie at some point in his life. Whether it is for a wedding or for that important job interview, you will need to have a tie around your neck to look the part! And no, a clip-on tie is never an option! However, as society is becoming a lot more casual in dress code we are forgetting how to actually tie a tie. To be honest, every time I need to tie a tie I have to look it up on Youtube to see how it is done!

How to tie a tie – a step by step video tutorial

The most common knot to tie is the Windsor. Below is a quick video that shows you how to tie a Windsor knot. Enjoy!

Wrapping up

There you go, now you too know how to tie a tie (and maybe even has some self-esteem issues after watching the video)! Hope you found this useful!


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