How To Make Your Beard Soft – 4 Effective Beard Softening Tips

Ever since the hipster movement became more mainstream at the turn of the century, growing a full beard is now quite a sought-after commodity. But having a full beard is one thing, having a full beard and your girlfriend still enjoying a quick kiss, is another thing.

beard softening tips

Let me give you some beard softening tips so you can enjoy basking in the envy of the non-beard dudes and still smooch your girlfriend without giving her beard burn.

What causes a scratchy beard?

You shouldn’t think that you can be blasé about the condition of your beard, just because it looks good in the mirror and you get lots of compliments.

Your beard might have some split ends. Nope, it’s not just something women lament over, if you trim your beard too frequently, you might cause the ends to become more abrasive. Your trimmer could also cause more split ends, make sure the blades are always sharp.

Or your beard might be on the dry side. Same concept as dealing with dry hair on your head, you need to keep that formidable hipster trophy moist. If you aren’t drinking enough liquids, a brittle beard could be a sign of dehydration.

Maybe you’re just not paying enough attention to your beard. You can’t only check on it when it needs a trim, you need to take good care of it every day.

How to make your beard soft

Before you become all defensive about accepting beard softening tips, the following tricks are very easy to incorporate into your daily cleansing routine. You get to reap the benefits of looking great and not alienating any females in your life!

First beard softening tip: Wash, Condition and Repeat

A notorious study in 2015 made the controversial statement “hairy faces could actually be dirtier than a loo” But since then it has been debunked, although your beard can still potentially be really dirty. So you should be shampooing your beard at least three to five times a week.

Give your beard a thorough rub down and then rinse it thoroughly. It’s not advisable to leave behind any shampoo or conditioner, it won’t help you beat the dryness and it might look like you’ve got beard dandruff.

Tip: milder is better. Your skin under your beard is a little bit less robust than your scalp, so you could purchase special beard wash instead of just sticking to your normal shampoo and conditioner.

Second beard softening tip: Beard Oil or Beard Balm


You should consider investing in some fancy products if you are a big beard fan. Just washing it and keeping it trimmed is not quite enough, especially of you do discover that your beard hair leans towards the brittle or dry side.

Beard Fact: the average beard grows at a rate of about 0.5 inches (1.25cm) per month

Here’s a list of a few essential oils you can look out for when you embark on the How to Make your Beard Soft expedition:

Tea Tree | Bergamot | Cedarwood | Wintergreen| Idaho Balsam |Citrus Fresh | Australian Blue
Helichrysum | Eucalyptus Radiata | Valor| Shutran | Lavender

Beard oil serves a double role as moisturizer and conditioner. Plus, if you select the right oils, you can smell all manly and irresistible. The ladies won’t be able to resist you, beautiful beard and smelling all sexy! But if you have a sensitive skin, be very cautious of your choice of oil.

Beard balm also works great to style your beard when it gets a bit longer, it’s basically just more solid beard oil. What makes it different is the addition of natural wax, usually beeswax, and butters like avocado, cocoa or shea.

If you like DIY, there are tons of beard oil recipes out there that you can throw together at home.

After washing your face in the morning, put a few drops of beard oil in your hand and massage it into your beard, all the way down to your skin. The point is to add some moisture to your beard. Then at night, add a bit of beard balm to your beard, only a small amount, rubbing it all the way onto your skin. The balm will deal with the split ends and knots.

Third beard softening tip: Give it a Good Comb

I recommend investing in a good boar bristle brush. It will be kinder to face than the standard type of combs. The brush will also help to evenly distribute the natural sebum oil found in your skin. Plus it will comb away the dirt and impurities that are making your beard so dry and bristle.

Bonus advantage of combing your beard, is that you are also massaging your skin. This will increase the blood flow to keep your skin healthy.

Fourth beard softening tip: Try changing your diet

So I’ve already told you that hydration will affect how rough or soft your beard will be. But there are few food types that can also help to make your hair softer. Look out for food high in Omega 3 fatty acids, such as a nice juicy Coldwater fish. Try munching some walnuts or soybeans. A multivitamin with Beta carotene, aka Vitamin A, will help as well.

How to Make your Beard Soft – Keep it simple

If you were looking for groundbreaking beard softening tips, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Stick to the basics and your formidable hipster trophy will not embarrass you. It’s all about keeping the moisture in the hair follicles and dealing swiftly with split ends before the hairs become matted.

Try to get into a daily routine of looking after your beard, regular washing and often massaging beard oil or balm into your beard. If you want the best results, try the double beard treatment of oil in the morning and balm in the evening. This way you will have a foolproof strategy against the dryness and the split ends.

Don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be responsible for giving my girlfriend a nasty beard burn to deal with every time we make out. Your face will look healthier with a well-groomed beard and your girlfriend will shower you with kisses instead of ducking away.


Hey! I am Andries and I am the owner and curator of this blog.

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