How To Get Rid Of Shaving Bumps

It’s quite annoying when you spend precious time dealing with unwanted facial hair, and then a few days later your nice smooth face is spoiled with shaving bumps!

We’ve all been there, having to deal with the annoying bumps that pop up unexpectedly. If this happens very often to you, you might have to investigate your shaving products and technique.

Where do the nasty bumps come from?

The bumps are formed when the hair starts growing out again. When you cut the hairs beneath the skin, they usually end up curling and bending as they grow back, forming the unsightly and sometimes painful bumps.

This means the hairs remain inside the hair follicle and they start growing into the skin, instead of outwards. These ingrown hairs usually appear as red bumps, spoiling the stylish look of a freshly shaven face.

I once heard a story of a guy removing an ingrown hair almost an inch long from a shaving bump pimple!

What causes shaving bumps?

Usually they occur because of using unsuitable shaving tools and products. But your shaving technique can also influence it. But not to worry, I’ll tell you how to get rid of shaving bumps.

Some speculate that using an electric razor is the best solution to prevent shaving bumps and burns. But a good single-blade razor combined with high-quality pre-shave oil plus aftershave lotion can help to reduce shaving bumps and improve your overall shaving experience.

If your razor is tugging or pulling too much, this can cause skin irritation. If you are putting too much pressure on your razor and cutting beneath the skin, you will also most likely suffer from shaving bumps popping up soon after your shave. For the best shave, you need to aim for straight cuts, at skin level.

How to get rid of shaving bumps

Don’t shave against your beard grain. Sure, you might get finished a bit quicker, but chances are quite big that it will cause shaving bumps. This method causes the hairs to be cut beneath the skin and the hairs will start growing into the skin. Once they start doing this, shaving bumps will probably become a reoccurring issue for you.

If you are using a multi-blade razor, chances are it’s tugging at the hairs, which can cause inflammation. Because the blades are generally placed very closely together, coarse hairs can become trapped in between them. This could cause the hair to be yanked out, leading to irritation and swelling. You could consider purchasing an old school straight razor, like the ones they use in the barber shops.

You might be tempted to pull your skin to get an extra close shave, but this is not advisable.  When you let go, it will pop right back over the hairs you have just cut, causing them to start growing into your skin.

How to get rid of shaving bumps easily – make sure you shave often enough. Ideally you should be shaving every day, unless you have sensitive skin.

How to get rid of shaving bumps before they even appear, prep your face

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. By doing a little bit of prep, you can save yourself a lot of trouble. Shave straight after a hot shower. This will help to soften your skin, plus open your pores.

Invest in good skin care products. This will ensure that your skin is protected before you start gliding the razor across your face. After you finished shaving, don’t stop there, invest in a good moisturizer to keep the hairs soft, preventing them from growing in strange directions.

Tip: reusing blades too often will make the problem worse.  Dull and dirty razors are breeding ground for germs that will irritate your face.

So you’ve already got them: how to get rid of shaving bumps

I’ll let you in on a secret, there are some home remedies to help you get rid of shaving bumps when they do occur. Obviously the results will vary from person to person, but these are simple methods to ease your discomfort if you struggle with a severe case of shaving bumps.

Before you can apply the home remedies, you have to remove the ingrown hairs from the shaving bumps. Gently pierce the shaving bump pimple and extract the hair with a tweezer. Afterwards treat your face with one of the following products.

Option 1: Aloe Vera

aloe-vera-918662_640This is a very traditional remedy for irritated skin. Your local supermarket or pharmacy should have Aloe Vera gel or cream available. It’s also the basis of many creams, so you could just look out for it in the list of ingredients if you can’t find pure Aloe Vera.

Option 2: Witch Hazel


Another natural product, Witch hazel is an antiseptic that will help reduce skin inflammation. It also forms the basis of many aftershave lotions, so it could be a good idea to buy one that contains it, to prevent future inflammation.

Option 3: Tea Tree Oil

Wow, nature is full of awesome products to fight germs! Tea tree oil is an anti-bacterial agent. Please note, the pure oil is very strong, dilute it with a little bit of water before you apply it to your skin.

Option 4: Lemon Juice


A product found in most homes. Lemons are naturally acidic, so the juice will help to stop bacteria from setting up camp in the ingrown hair follicles. It will also help to reduce the redness and to prevent infection.

Option 5: White Tea

Now this one is even more easily accessible in your home. Tea contains tannic acid, another great natural element that helps reduce inflammation. Wet a tea bag and just press it against the affected skin areas to reduce the redness and swelling.

Remedies you can find at your local pharmacy

Try asking for the following types of creams, if you like sticking to more scientific solutions:
1% Hydrocortisone Cream | Antibacterial Cream | Glycolic Cream | Retin A Cream | Alum Block

Hopefully you will master the fine art of the perfect shave, so you can brag to your friends and give them the inside info of how to get rid of shaving bumps and never suffer the embarrassment of them!


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