Crazy & Fun Beard Facts

It is Movember, aka No-Shave November, which is where folks do not shave for the entire month of November in order to bring awareness to cancer. The idea being that we embrace the hair we have, which cancer sufferers lose, by letting it grow out wild and free! You can find out more on

So in the spirit of wild and free hair, I have put together this quick infographic that shares some crazy and fun facts about beards. Enjoy!


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  1. Beards grow quicker during the summer. They also grow faster in the daytime than the night-time. This is due to chemical called Dihydrotestosterone, which promotes beards and balding in men. The level of Dihydrotestosterone is affected by seasonal changes, which results in bushier beards during the summer.
  2. Alexander The Great forbade soldiers having beards. This was due to Alexander fearing that the enemy would grab onto his soldiers’ beards during hand-to-hand combat. Later on soldiers actually purposefully grew their beards out to show that they had no fear during battle.
  3. In the Middle Ages, touching another man’s beard was a big insult, and so grounds for a dual. Men in the Middle Ages believed that their beards were a sign of honor and virility, so they did not look to kindly onto other guys touching it.
  4. 33% of American men have facial hair, while 55% of men worldwide have beards. That is a lot of beards!
  5. Ancient Egypt men would show off by gold plating their beards. Some of them wore false metal beards (called postiches) as a sign of sovereignty. If you were in Egypt at the time, you would probably spot the king and queen rocking out these gold beards during special occasions.
  6. The longest beard ever measured was 17.6 feet long and being stored at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. If you were interested in trying to go for the record, just know your beard would grow 27.5 feet if you never shaved your whole life. So you would have to get started pretty early on! The longest female beard ever recorded was measured at 12 inches…
  7. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the US has had some crazy schemes back in the day. One such scheme was when in the 1960’s the CIA hatched a plan to make Fidel Castro’s beard fall out, in order to ruin his image.
  8. Who doesn’t love beer? Who doesn’t love beards? Well, seems drinking beer and having a big bushy beard can present some challenges when drinking beer. The average moustache will trap a pint and a half of beer ever single year. One for the road?
  9. Having a beard makes you 63% more likely to win a staring contest. One of life’s critical skills.

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