What Are The Best Workout Gloves? We Look At The 5 Top Rated Options

What are the best workout gloves? If you’ve spent any time in the gym, you’ve seen those guys wearing special gloves while they are weight lifting. Seems to be a pretty controversial topic for a lot of weight lifting fanatics. Some swearing by its benefits, others wanting to use stronger language than hogwash to comment on it.

Should you wear them or not

Let’s look at the pro’s and con’s, so you can have an informed opinion next time that big bulky guy gives you a dirty look for wearing or not wearing workout gloves.

Pro 1. They offer better grip

workout gloves 1Holding onto heavy dumbbells or barbells gets tricky when you’ve been sweating from all the effort. And it’s not the type of equipment that you want randomly flying out of your hand or slipping and landing on your chest unexpectedly.

It can also be annoying if you’re doing pull ups and you keep falling off the bar because you can’t maintain your grip.

The best workout gloves are designed with these obstacles in mind. The palm area is constructed specifically to help you maintain a firm grip on the weights that you are lifting or holding onto the bar from which you are hanging.

Pro 2. They are comfortable

Those heavy weights can be cold, rough and very uninviting to wrap your hands around. Plus the discomfort increases as your sweat increases.

You will definitely appreciate your workout gloves those cold winter moments when the iron feels close to freezing point. The best workout gloves will protect you from the unpleasantness.

Pro 3. They support your wrists

If you invest in a good pair of workout gloves, they will wrap around your wrists as well. This offers great support when you’re lifting heavy weights. The material of the glove is almost like an extra set of ligaments and tendons when you bend your wrist backwards.

Selecting the best workout gloves can prevent unnecessary wrist injuries. It can also be used to rehabilitate any wrist issues that you might have while still enabling you to enjoy your workout.

Pro 4. They can relieve pressure

Your hands take quite a beating while you are living weights or hanging from bars, and wearing workout gloves can alleviate some of the strain. They can also help you move beyond the limitations of your bare hands.

Workout gloves increase the pressure capacity on your hands. Your chest and back muscles can usually handle much more weight than your bare hands. Want to increase your grip strength? There are some nifty little training toys that you could consider.

So, what’s the other side of the story?

Have I convinced you yet why you should buy the best workout gloves for your needs? Or are you still feeling skeptical about them?

Con 1. They can affect your grip

Wait, déjà vu, didn’t I just tell you that they were good for your grip? If you use the wrong workout gloves, they can actually negatively affect your ability to grip the weights as well.

You agree with the rule, the thicker the bar, the harder to get a good grip on it? Well, when you’re wearing workout gloves, you are basically adding a layer of thickness to the bar. Depending on the quality of the gloves, it can be a pretty significant addition.

With pull-ups, you may also find that workout gloves can limit you. Your grip might fail before the muscles that you’re training do.workout gloves 2

Con 2. They affect your lifting technique
Certain exercises, like bench and shoulder presses, require that you keep the bar in the palm of your hand, so that it remains close to your wrists. When wearing workout gloves, sometime the bar will be forced upwards towards your fingers, due to the bulk of the glove.

This causes unwanted pressure on your wrists and it will increase the likelihood of injuries. The position of the bar is important throughout the movement, and workout gloves can negatively affect this.

Con 3. You can become too dependent on them

Once you start wearing workout gloves, you usually become quite attached to them. This may not be a big problem, as long as you always have them with you. But you will definitely be less flexible about the way that you exercise.

But surely workout gloves help to avoid getting blisters?

If you’re just starting out with a weight lifting routine and you opt for not wearing workout gloves, you will probably have to deal with blisters. And as we all know, blisters have a tendency of turning into calluses if we repeat the same activities over and over again.

This might be one of the biggest factors that could convince you to buy a good pair of workout gloves. I myself prefer to rather protect my hands properly, to not have to deal with unsightly calluses. It’s just not that sexy when you’re holding that lovely lady’s hand and she winches at the roughness of your hands. If it’s too late, and your hands are close to feeling like sandpaper, here’s a few tips to get back your sexiness.

My Top Choices For The Best Workout Gloves

Okay, so if I’ve convinced you that you should invest in a good pair of workout gloves, do continue reading. If not, you now have more than enough ammo to defend your bare hands.

Nordic Lifting Weight Lifting Gloves

These quality gloves offer great support for a gym workout, CrossFit training and weightlifting. And the 12″ wrist wraps ensure that you won’t injure yourself while exercising.

The gloves offer integrated wrist support, with just the right amount of padding to provide protection against painful blisters and calluses. You will get plenty of hours of use from these gloves, with premium quality leather and reinforced stitching.

The strategically padded palms give you extra comfort and grip while you exercise. Various sizes available.

In general customers seem very impressed with the quality and reasonable price. These gloves are great all-round workout gloves. Remember that because they are made from leather, it will take a few days to wear them in.

It’s worth investing a little bit more in a quality product that will enhance your exercising experience.

Harbinger Pro Glove

The double leather palm offers great durability and gives you a great grip. The open cell foam palm and finger cushioning plus the wrap-around thumb protection enhances your control. The wrist closure is fully adjustable.

A few customers did complain about the changing style of the gloves, claiming that the previous version was more durable. If you tend to have sensitive hands, the seam positioning might be uncomfortable for you.

Make sure that you select the correct size, ensuring that the Velcro strap is long enough to wrap around your wrist. One customer comment that these are the best workout gloves for kettlebell training.

Fit Active Sports Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves

These gloves are the best workout gloves for pull ups, cross training, CrossFit, Wod’s and weightlifting. They have built-in wrist wraps and full palm protection for extra grip.

The gloves cover the entire palm as well as the thumb, so your hand is protected from nasty calluses. Made from Silicon Printed Neoprene, a high quality material that is resistant against water, dangerous chemicals, oils and heat.

The unique built-in wrist wraps offer you better wrist support and the one of a kind palm design creates an extra tight grip. The open hand glove design gives your hands some room to breathe and this eliminates bad smells while working out.

Some customers did complain that there was not enough padding on the palms. The ventilation feature of the gloves are a great bonus to make your workout experience more pleasant.

Mava Sports Workout Gloves

The gloves feature a Silicone padding callus guard with extra wrist support. They were specially designed for weightlifting. The palm design was strategically created to be comfortable, breathable plus built to last.

The adjustable wrist wraps helps to improve your grip but still allows your hands to breathe. These gloves are also strong contenders to be called the best workout gloves if you are into rope climbing, chin and pull ups, bodybuilding, deadlifts, dumbbells and kettlebells, cross training and gym workouts.

The improved palm design with leather and silicone padding will assist you to effortlessly find the best contact points and will also minimize grip loss. The special material helps to combat sweat and it eliminates that annoying slippery feeling.

Customers commented that the material is really nice and they offer great wrist support, while fitting comfortably. Perfect for preventing blisters. But the stitching is not very robust. Make sure you select the right size, some customers complained that their size chart is not accurate

Grip Power Pads Gym Gloves

Protect your hands and improve your grip with these nifty workout gloves. The rubberized pads and dots provide just the right amount of friction to keep weights safe in your grip. You can focus on your form and not keep worrying about holding onto the bars.

They are perfect for protecting your hands from unsightly blisters and calluses, yet it still feels like a natural grip. The innovative curved finger design enables a natural fit, following the shape of your hand. Perfect for the gym, CrossFit training or weight lifting.

Customers commented on how sturdy and well-stitched the gloves are, with great finger protection, extending past the first knuckle, unlike many other traditional workout gloves. Don’t be put off by the strange smell of the material when you start using them, it wears off quickly.

Seems that they might be the best workout gloves for a general workout routine rather than for someone interested in professional weight lifting and wanting more extensive padding.

What Do You Think – What Are The Best Workout Gloves?

There you have it, I hope you can now make a more informed choice, to invest in the best workout gloves for your needs or to stick with your au natural workout routine. I still think that there is merit in wearing workout gloves, for a bit of extra safety and to keep my hands sexy.

What gloves do you think are the best workout gloves? We all have different tastes and needs, so we will have varying opinions. If you have some thoughts on it, please tell me what you think the best workout gloves are by posting in the comments section below.


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