The Best Straight Razor For That Super Close Shave

What is the best straight razor? Most guys shave with the usual disposable razors that you can buy in bulk, however there are guys that prefer going old school and shaving with a straight razor. The reason being that straight razors can give you much more control and a really close shave. If you maintain your straight razor well, it should last you a long time and so even save you some money over the long-run.

Using a straight razor properly is tricky though, and not advised if you are still a novice. If you are a novice and would like to learn how to use a straight razor blade correctly so you don’t seriously hurt yourself, you could maybe go down to your local barber shop where they still use straight razors and ask them to show you the basics of shaving with a straight razor.

THE 5 BEST straight razor CHOICES

Below I look at 5 straight razor that I really like. Are there other straight razors out there that could be argued to be the best straight razor? Of course! There are a lot of straight razors that are out there, which are really good. I just listed 5 that I like and that I think are really good options. If you have a straight razor that you think is the best straight razor, which I didn’t discuss, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Utopia Care Straight-Edge Barber Razor with Derby Blades

This classically styled straight edge razor from Utopia Care comes with 100 individually wrapped Derby blades. This is a contender for the best straight razor for somebody who is just getting into straight shaving. While it might not be the best straight razor for advanced straight shavers, it is excellent for getting a feel for straight shaving. If you’re interested to see if straight shaving is for you, this Utopia Care model is a great (and affordable) option.
Includes: Razor handle (shavette), 100 Derby single edge blades


  • Brass body with chrome plating won’t rust, tarnish, or dull
  • Comes with 100 individually wrapped blades
  • Safety grip
  • Reversible blade cover
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Can be used with any single edge blades
  • Folds for easy carrying or storage


  • The Derby blades are very delicate and prone to damage
  • Locking mechanism is slightly off, sometimes not properly locking the blades in place
  • Razor handle is somewhat thin and flimsy
  • No rounded edge, making it much more easy to accidentally cut the skin

Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor with Shark Super Stainless Blades

Since 1973, Parker has been a renowned name in fine shaving instruments. Their products are known by professional barbers as some of the best in the industry, and many consider this to be the best straight razor of its class. This classic Parker Straight Razor is manufactured with beautifully crafted and stamped genuine stainless steel. It comes with 5 Shark blades, and is compatible with any single edge blade or halved double edge blade. If you’re looking for the best straight razor for a beginner or intermediate straight shaver, this is a great option.
Includes: Razor handle (shavette), 5 Shark Super Stainless blades


  • Substantially made with a genuine stainless steel arm
  • Rounded edge at the end of the blade compartment minimizes cuts
  • Snap lock mechanism is solid and precise to prevent blade shifting
  • Easily folds for carrying and storage
  • Blades are installed with a swivel system, making them easier to remove and replace


  • Razor arm sometimes gets stuck and is difficult to move
  • Tail is not well-aligned, hitting the scales when opened and closed
  • Blade housing is angled, requiring you to hold it at a 30 degree angle rather than parallel to your face

Classic Samurai CS-102 Stainless Steel Professional Barber Straight Edge Razor

Sold with 100 single-edge Derby blades, this Samurai Stainless Steel Straight Edge Razor is one of the most affordable options in this class of straight razor. It is well constructed, with a sturdy handle and rounded edges at the blade compartment to minimize nicks and cuts. While it might not be the best straight razor for an experienced straight shaver, this is a great option for somebody who is looking to get into straight shaving without spending a fortune. Along with the similarly priced Utopia Care model, this is a contender for best straight razor for beginners, especially those on a budget.
Includes: Razor handle (shavette), 100 Derby single edge blades


  • Sturdy construction
  • Manufactured with genuine surgical-grade stainless steel
  • Blades are easy to swap in and out
  • Rounded edge at blade compartment to prevent cuts


  • The Derby blades are very delicate and prone to damage
  • Bevel and razor arms are somewhat roughly constructed
  • Razor arms are permanently pinned and somewhat loose, allowing the blade to shift slightly during shaving

Sanguine Pure Wood Shaving Razor

Sanguine’s Pure Wood Shaving Razor is beautifully crafted with a bare wood handle. Its unique brass screw allows you to fine tune the angle of the metal arm for a shave that suits your shaving style perfectly. At only its current price, it is a great bargain for somebody who wants a stylish and effective straight razor. This is an excellent middle of the road option suitable for beginners to advanced straight shavers. If you’re looking for a stylish, versatile straight razor, I think this is an excellent option for best straight razor.
Includes: Razor handle (shavette), 5 Wilkinson Sword double edge blades (must be halved to use, giving you 10 blades), leather carrying case


  • Unique pure wood handle is free of polish and paint for a natural finish
  • Brass screw can be adjusted for fine tuning to your perfect shave angle
  • Blade compartment is well-fit and holds blades securely
  • Jimps along metal arm for added grip
  • Includes sturdy leather case for storage and travel


  • Unfinished wood is prone to water damage if put away damp
  • Wood handle is wider than most metal ones, and requires some getting used to
  • Blade compartment edges are not rounded, making it very easy to cut yourself accidentally

Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

Feather is known by shaving enthusiasts as one of the premier brands in double and single edge razors. Their blades are renowned as some of the sharpest, highest quality blades on the market. Feather took their brand to the next level with the innovative design of this non-folding straight razor, which offers extreme precision and control. The resin handle is resistant to heat and chemicals and offers superior grip.
For experienced straight shavers, this is arguably the best straight razor on the market today. The exceptional control provided by this model make for easy handling, allowing you to get your closest shave in just one or two passes.
This razor is only compatible with Feather single edge blades. Because of the extreme sharpness of these blades, it might not be the best straight razor for complete novices who are just learning to straight shave.
Includes: Shavette handle (no blades included)


  • Resin handle provides excellent grip
  • Innovative design provides more control over folding razors
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • When used with Feather blades, you may get between 7-10 shaves per blade
  • Uses disposable blades and does not require sharpening
  • Spring mounted blade mechanism for easy removal and cleaning
  • Rounded head to prevent cuts and nicks


  • It is one of the more expensive options on the market
  • Does not include blades
  • Because it doesn’t fold, the blade is exposed even in storage
  • Doesn’t include a blade cover
  • Unlike many straight edge razors, this razor is not compatible with halved double edge blades

What Do You Think – What Is The Best Straight Razor?

I listed 5 straight razors that I think are great and really like, but I know there are other great straight razors out there that other guys might argue are in fact the best straight razor. If you have some thoughts on it, please share it in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you!


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