What Is The Best Shaving Bowl?

Using a shaving bowl might seem a bit old school to you, but deciding to invest in a good shaving bowl will definitely enhance your daily shaving experience. Sure, you could just slap cream or soap on your face and create a lather, but the nice thing about using a shaving bowl, is that you get the ratio of cream and water just right, or you stretch the life of your soap.

Why should I use a Shaving Bowl?

Well, for one it looks super hipster to have one in your bathroom! I’ll tell you about my personal favorites a bit later. If you are using a good shaving brush, it makes sense to compliment it with the best shaving bowl, instead of just brushing straight onto your face.

If you are using shaving cream, chances are that you are using too much and a shaving bowl can help you get the ratio of cream and water right, saving you lots of money while creating a more enjoyable shaving experience. A good shaving bowl is a must if you are using shaving cream, with soap you can maybe get away with just slapping it on your face.

Criteria for choosing the best shaving bowl

This is a pretty straightforward product, you don’t have to worry about any fancy features. The first thing that you have to keep in mind, is how the shaving bowl will complement the rest of your shaving equipment. So if you buy a tiny shaving bowl and have a huge shaving brush, you’re going to get frustrated.

Make sure your shaving bowl is deep enough. You don’t want the shaving cream to swirl over the edges while you are stirring up a lather with your shaving brush. If you are using shaving soap and prefer to keep it in a shaving bowl, make sure you select one with ample width.

Lastly, the shaving bowl should improve the look of your bathroom. It might be tempting to just use a random mug from the kitchen, but taking the time to choose the best shaving bowl for your personal shaving style is worth it.

How do I build up a nice thick lather inside my shaving bowl?

Before you start whipping up a storm, soak your shaving brush in hot water for a couple of minutes. Grab your shaving bowl and pour in a little bit of water, literally just a few drops. You can add more water later, rather start with less.

Next, add roughly a dime size of shaving cream to the water. You will figure out the ratio of water to cream after a few trial and error moments, in the end it boils down to your personal shaving preference. Shake off the excess water from your shaving brush before you start swirling the water and cream mixture. Keep swirling until the foam starts to build up. Don’t stop until you create a nice thick lather.

If you start shaving and you realize you had overdone it a bit, add a few drops of water to dilute it a little bit, swirl your brush through again and try to shave with it. If your lather remains too watery, try swirling a bit longer. If it still doesn’t become nice and thick, add a little bit more shaving cream.

The Top Shaving Bowl Options

Let’s look at the best shaving bowl options. You’ll see that quite a few of my choices are made from stainless steel. The nice thing about stainless steel, is that you don’t have to worry about it rusting with all the water usage and dampness in your bathroom. You could also consider a wooden option, but then you need to invest in a high quality one, you don’t want the wood to become all gooey from the cream and water mixture.

AKStore Men’s Stainless Steel Heat Insulation Smooth Shaving Bowl

A very durable bowl with the bonus of looking classy and stylish. The bottom features an anti-skid design, which helps to prevent it from toppling over while you are swirling your cream and water mixture.  The double walled stainless steel ensure that the bowl holds in the heat of the water for longer.

Clients did notice that the bowl is on the small side, make sure your shaving brush will fit it. But the small size makes it easier to hold in your hand while preparing your lather. The anti-skid feature makes it very popular, it won’t move around while you prepare your lather or dunk your shaving brush in the lather to shave. It is reasonably priced for the high quality product you receive.

Schöne Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl with Lid

How’s your German? Schöne means beautiful and you have to agree, it’s a good description of this elegant shaving bowl. The durable stainless steel makes it very easy to clean and the polished finish gives it the added bonus of looking stylish on your bathroom shelf. It’s not chrome-plated, so you don’t have to worry about it starting to peel after a while like many other cheap shaving bowls. The lid makes it handy for storing your shaving soap, keeping it from drying out before your next shave.

Clients enjoy the classical look of the bowl, in comparison with other purely functional shaving bowls. Make sure you by an original Schön product, there are a few rip-offs of this bowl design out there. The Schöne is good value for money.

Look out for the combo product deal of shaving bowl, shaver holder and shaving brush.

Kingsley Shave Soap Bowl with Lid

Made from high quality dark wood with waterproofing, to prevent that gooeyness I was talking about. It includes a lit, perfect for storing your soap when travelling. The versatile size is suitable to a variety of soap sizes. Perfect depth for stirring your shaving cream lather. The high quality wood makes it very durable, it won’t peel and discolor after a while.

Users did mention to be careful when travelling with the bowl, as the wood is quite sensitive to cracking when bumped. A handy trick if your soap doesn’t fit, microwave it for about one minute and pour the melted soap into the bowl. Some users would prefer the bowl to be a bit deeper.

Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving Bowl with Handle

Something different from the usual stainless steel or wooden options, this bowl is made from porcelain. Definitely a very stylish addition to any bathroom. Perfect for shaving soap or cream. The handle is helpful for keeping the bowl steady while swirling your lather, as well as to hold it closer to your face while applying shaving cream to your face.

The porcelain will keep your cream and water mixture hot while you shave, possibly a little bit longer than a wooden option. Special ridges on the inside helps to stir up a good lather when you’re using shaving cream, or it prevents your soap from soaking in any residual water at the bottom, allowing it to properly dry after use.

Clients mentioned that although it is a little bit pricier, the high quality and elegant-look makes up for it. Very easy to clean. If you know you’re a little bit of a klutz, the porcelain option might not be ideal for you, but the product has been designed to make sure it won’t slip out of your hand too easily.

Justice Shaving Company Stainless Shaving Bowl

The bowl features a special dual layer design that helps to maintain the heat of your shaving cream and water mixture more effectively. Being very durable, the brushed steel and chrome-like mirror finish will ensure your bowl looks brand spanking new all the time.

It is perfect for storing your shaving soap or to whip up a good lather with your shaving cream. It’s a bit larger than the average shaving bowl. The gender-neutral look makes it ideal for a couple. The lightweight stainless steel is perfect for holding the bowl in your hand while shaving, without it tiring out your arm.

Users did mention that because it’s so lightweight, you need to take care while you’re whipping up a storm with your shaving brush to not let it topple over. The surface is very sensitive, so beware of scratches.

What Do You Think – What Is The Best Shaving Bowl?

As always, if you have any thoughts on what you think the best shaving bowl is, please share them with the rest of us by commenting in the comments section below.

Hope you have fun with your new fancy shaving equipment!


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