What Is The Best Safety Razor For Beginners? We Investigate!

What is the best safety razor for beginners? When you are just starting out, there are a lot of different shaving razor options out there for you to try out (there are so many, it is probably even a little overwhelming!). If you are still a bit new and unsure about shaving, the best option is to start out using a safety razor to ensure you don’t hurt yourself! But what exactly is a safety razor and how do you choose the best safety razor option?

A safety razor is a shaving razor with a protective device positioned between the edge of the blade and the skin. It is specifically designed so that you do not need a lot of skill to be able to have a close shave without slicing your own throat open! So for guys just starting out, a safety razor is a good way to go. Sure the traditional straight razor that you saw your dad or granddad always use looked really bad-ass, but trust me, a safety razor is easier to use, is good for sensitive skin and helps prevent razor burns or bumps.

Now, you may just want to buy the inexpensive plastic disposable safety razors. But if you are serious about doing things right and shaving like man, you want to get yourself a proper safety razor. Sure they are a little more expensive, but they will give you a much better shave than the cheap plastic options. Not to mention they will last you a lot longer too!

The Best Safety Razor Options

Below I am going to look at 5 safety razors. Things I keep in mind when looking at the best safety razor for beginners would be ease of use, how easy it is to replace the blades and affordability.

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

This Merkur has a longer handle than some other options, which helps guys that  may have bigger hands to be able to grip the razor better. There are some folks that think a shorter handle provides better grip, but personally I prefer a longer handle as it allows you to control the pressure you exert onto the razor more. Also, if you have been using disposable razors then the Merkur will be easier to transition to.

What I also like is the fact that it looks really cool and is made in Germany (things made in Germany are often just of a better quality than stuff made else where).

If you really like the chromed look and are a fan of German engineering, then the Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor could be the best safety razor for you.

Parker 96R – Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

This razor has a more classic look to it than the Merkur as it is made from a brass frame and nickel plated head. It also has twist-to-open butterfly doors to make blade replacement easy and convenient.

Similar to the Merkur, the Parker has a long handle that is also textured to make handling the razor easy and comfortable. Something that I like, is the fact that they give you 5 Shark Blades with the Razor when you buy it on Amazon (bargain!). This is the best safety razor for beginners that like the classic look, and also want something that is easy to use.

Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor

This double edge razor looks very similar to the Merkur with its Chrome finish, but is slightly more expensive. What is good to know is that the head of this razor fits all standard double edge blades, which will make replacing the blades pretty easy (it already comes with 5 Derby blades included, which is a nice bonus).

One thing that I would be concerned about is the quality of the construction of the razor. The razor is made from Chrome plated solid brass, so it is made from sturdy stuff. However some guys have been complaining about the screws on the razor failing.

At the price that it sells for and the concerns around the failing screws, I am not 100% convinced that this is the best safety razor for beginners.

WEISHI Long Handle Version Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

The Weishi looks really cool with its black finish! Besides looking cool, it is also one of the more affordable options on our list of the best safety razor for beginners. Similar to the Merkur and Parker razors, this is a long handle razor that will help with grip and control over the pressure you put on the razor when shaving. It also comes with YingJili blades.

The Weishi is a butterfly head, which is reasonably easy to open and change the blades out when you need to.

With a black finish I was a little sceptical about whether this razor will stand the test of time, but a lot of guys have been singing the praises of this razor saying that it keeps it looks well, even with daily use. You do have to keep in mind that this is a razor on the lower side of the price scale, so do not expect a razor that is going to last you a life time!

I think this is a good contender for the title of the best safety razor for beginners as it is affordable (you do not want to go spending a fortune on razors just yet), it looks good and is a mild and forgiving razor. Perfect for a beginner.

Magnus Heavy Duty Double Edge Safety Razor Long Handled

The Magnus razor looks a lot like the Merkur and the Edwin Jagger, however this razor is not Chrome plated but rather made from Stainless steel. It is also even slightly more affordable than the Weishi!

Overall, guys are very positive about this razor, but like the Weishi you have to keep in mind that this is a cheaper razor than others, so do not expect this razor to last you a life-time. This is perhaps the best safety razor for beginners that want something on the more affordable side of the scale.

Which Safety Razor Would I Choose?

So which safety razor is the best safety razor for beginners? Let’s recap what we have looked at so far.

The Merkur is a well known brand in the safety razor market. Their Long Handled Safety Razor is a quality razor that won’t let you down. It is not the cheapest razor on our list, but it is really not too expensive either.

The Parker 96R is also a long handled razor, but has a more classic look to it. It has butterfly doors, which will make switching out blades easy. It is the most expensive razor on our list though, however at the end of the day you get what you pay for! If you prefer spending a few more dollars, then this might be the right razor for you.

The Edwin Jagger razor is not a long handled razor like the other razors. It is also one of the more expensive razors on the list, however there seems to be problems with quality as a lot of guys complain about the screws on the razor failing.

The Weishi razor looks really cool in its black finish and is one of the more affordable options on the list of razors. The handle is long and textured, so is easy to use and overall a forgiving razor.

The Magnus razor is made from Stainless steel, which is a bit of a departure from the Chrome that so many other razors tend to use. It is basically the same price as the Weishi and also has a lot of positive feedback from guys that has bought it.

Ok, so which razor would I buy?

For me, if I am looking for a razor as a beginner I would want something that is reasonably well made but does not cost me a fortune. For that reason that eliminates the Parker and the Edwin Jagger. The Weishi and the Magnus are decent razors at a very good price, however I would spend only a few dollars more and get the Merkur that is a well know brand and of really good quality. The Merkur looks good, gives a good shave and is well made. For me, the Merkur is the best safety razor for beginners.

What Do You Think – What Is The Best Safety Razor For Beginners?

What do you think, what is the best safety razor for beginners in your opinion? I know different guys have different face shapes, hair growth, etc. which means some guys prefer different razors according to their own needs and preferences. So if you want to share your thoughts, please put in a comment in the comments sections and give us your two cents on the topic!

Happy shaving!


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