The Best Nose Hair Trimmer – In Depth Look At The Best Options Available

What is the best nose hair trimmer? Want to know how to remove nose hair? It is one of those strange mysteries I’ll never quite understand – why age, hormones and hair growth are linked. Women get embarrassing chin sprouts and possible moustaches. Men have to deal with excessive sprouting from the nose and ears.

Luckily technology has given us the joy of nose hair trimmers, to keep those nasty sprouting hairs at bay. I’ll be investigating a few options, so you can find the best nose hair trimmer to keep you looking respectable.  I will also cover the best options on how to remove nose hair effectively and painlessly. Before I jump into the 5 trimmers that I think are the best nose hair trimmer options available, let’s just take a moment to keep in mind some other considerations.

What causes the excessive growth?

Basically it boils down to a change in hormone levels as you grow older. Interestingly enough, the same hormone that causes you to go bald, will make your nose grow an afro. The strange ways of nature…

The hairs found in your nose and ears are called Vellus hairs. They are always there, but as you grow older they grow darker, longer and coarser. Balding and growing your unwanted afro are both linked to your testosterone and dihydrotestosterone levels changing.

If your nose afro seems to grow at a seemingly rapid speed, you will have to take this up with your parents, it is linked to your genetic profile.

How important is it to trim the unwanted hair?

Besides the fact that it is not a very pleasant sight to behold for the other people staring at your face – for health reasons, especially with excess ear hair, you need to keep it trimmed regularly.

If the hair migrates down into the ear and touches the eardrum, it may cause tinnitus (that annoying ringing in your ears). Worst of all, it can potentially result in partial or complete deafness.

Increased nose hair is a little bit less dangerous, studies actually show that it could reduce the development of asthma, if you suffer from seasonal rhinitis. The hair helps to filter foreign particles before they enter your nose and collect moisture.

How to remove nose hair

Even with the best nose hair trimmer, you won’t ever be able to remove all your nose hair, and you shouldn’t because then you’ll probably end up getting the flu all the time from inhaling a bunch of germs. But there are ways to maintain the excessive growth when it starts getting to a people-are-looking-at-you-funny level.

Let’s look at a few options so that you can pick the best nose hair trimmer that suites your unique situation.

General pointers

Make sure whatever tool you are using, is cleaned properly before you start using it and sterilize it afterwards. Your nose and ears are sensitive area of your body, you don’t want to cause any unwanted infections. Stand in front of a well-lit mirror when you start poking about in your nose. Firstly it will help to not injure yourself, plus you will be able to clearly see which areas to attack and will help you to not miss any stray hairs and only make a halfhearted dent in the unwanted afro.

Only remove the hairs that are affecting your appearance, aka those sticking out. The ones deeper inside your nose need to remain there, they keep you safe from harmful pollutants in the air.

To get a better view inside your nostrils, try pushing your nose straight up in the air. And try smiling. Doing this will help reveal additional peeping hairs.

Option 1: Trimming with a pair of scissors

Sometimes the best nose hair trimmer options is the simplest one. If you want to be really adventurous, you could use a normal pair of scissors, but I wouldn’t advise it. Rather buy a pair of trimming scissors. They have a rounded tip designed specifically to be safer when trimming hair in sensitive areas.

As tempting is as it might be to make an aggressive attack on the annoying afro, rather gently insert the scissors into your nasal canal. Don’t shove the scissors up your nose, you don’t want to accidentally puncture something in there.

Make sure your scissors are sharp. If you prefer this method, you probably don’t like pulling out the hairs, which will happen when the scissors are blunt.

Option 2: Using Tweezers

I’ve gotta warn you, this technique is not for the faint of heart. If you don’t want eye-watering pain, then this is probably not the best nose hair trimmer option for you. You never quite get used to the sting and the involuntary tearing of your eyes. But if you’ve only got a few stray hairs, you can get rid of them quickly with a swift yank.

To make the process a little bit more bearable, try putting an ice cube up your nostril for about a minute or so to numb your nose for a moment before you start pulling.

Option 3: Nose Hair Waxing

This one is pretty much just as painful as the tweezing, but it will get rid of more hair at a time. If your genetic dice dealt you a raw deal of your hair growing super quickly, then this one could be a good option to save you the hassle of often checking for stray hairs.

But be warned, it can be dangerous if you don’t do it properly. You will be putting warm wax into your nostril using a Q-tip. Wait for the wax to cool and then quickly jerk it out of your nose. Don’t put the Q-tip up too high into your nose, only cover the outer edge.

You could also use some nose hair removal cream, if you don’t like the idea of yanking stuff out of your nose. It is a more gentle option to prevent your nose from becoming agitated or infected.

Option 4: Using a Trimmer

Firstly you can decide if you want to use an electric or manual trimmer. The manual ones don’t require batteries or a plug and they tickle a little bit less. They generally require two hands for operation. Electric trimmers will remove the long hairs quickly and efficiently.

A good gauge to know if the trimmer is not inserted too deep, is that it should fit easily. The blades are covered so they won’t touch the sensitive skin areas.

Our Choices For best nose hair trimmer options

Below I look at 5 trimmers that I believe are the best nose hair trimmer options available. Obviously taste and requirements differ, so if there is another nose hair trimmer that you think is the best nose trimmer that is not on our list, please share your thoughts in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you!

I’ve concluded that battery operated is a nice in-between option between electric and manual, below you will find the best nose hair trimmer options for you to select from.

And we decided that one of the most important criteria for the best nose hair trimmer, is that it should be water resistant. We know you love saving time, adding grooming tasks to your shower. Plus you shouldn’t have to worry about annoying wires tugging against your arm while you are focusing on dealing with that unwanted nose or ear afro.

The following trimmers, except the last one, all have these two criteria in common – waterproof and wireless.

ToiletTree Heavy Duty Steel Trimmer

The trimmer has a lifelong warranty. The handy LED light helps to spot those unruly hairs that are sticking out. A unique rotary cutting system will catch hairs from the top and also from the sides, very helpful for those stray hairs. You can also use it on your eyebrows, beard and ears.

Customers did note that the on/off switch is very sensitive, so be careful to not force it too much, it could get stuck. It’s an affordable trimmer, that’s very simple to use. Fast and pain-free hair removal.

Panasonic Wet/Dry Trimmer

The blades are made from hypoallergenic stainless-steel, which won’t irritate your skin or pull hairs. You can also use it to shape your beard and eyebrows with special dual-edge blades.

The micro-vacuum system sucks up all the hair clippings as you trim. The easy-clean collection chamber makes this trimmer great for effortless cleaning.

Customers love the vacuum function, no sneezing from loose cuttings. It also makes it safer to trim your ear hairs, the cuttings won’t fall into your inner ear.

Creation Springs Electra Trimmer

The vacuum system will make sure the clippings don’t fall into strange places. A free extra trimming blade plus battery is included.

Sharp duel action stainless-steel rotary blades will ensure a quick trim of those unruly hairs, and a powerful motor guarantees that your trimmer won’t start slowing down after a while. The rubberized grip is great to make sure it doesn’t slip while you’re trimming in the shower.

Customers noted that it’s small, lightweight and inexpensive, plus very safe and effective.

Tip: once you’ve selected the best nose hair trimmer, try to set aside time each week for a bit of maintenance, to keep those eager nose hairs from peeking out. Prevention is better than embarrassment!

Creation Springs Rechargeable Trimmer

This is a salon grade micro-groomer, with LED light. The precision sharpened stainless-steel blades will provide you with a clean and smooth cut. Its blade guard ensures that the inside of your nose and ears are protected from nicks.

The rotary blade system ensure that hairs are trimmed from the top and the sides, catching all the stray hairs. It also features a child protection security lock. The brushed aluminum exterior guarantees that the trimmer won’t rust, even when used in the shower.

Customers enjoy the various trimming attachments. From stray nose hairs, to trimming your sideburns, this trimmer will be your all-in-one grooming tool. They also noted how easy it is to clean and change the attachments.

ACEVIVI Professional Trimmer

This trimmer uses rechargeable batteries. Three different heads are included: a micro shaver, nose and ear trimmer, plus mustache and sideburn groomer.

Works just as great as the battery operated Creation Springs trimmer mentioned above, but with the add-on bonus of not having to worry about battery replacement. You can use it with the rechargeable battery or plugged in. It is made from impact resistant plastic, keeping it strong for many years.

Customers seem very happy with this trimmer, the rechargeable function making it very popular. It doesn’t make any annoying noises when you use it, and it won’t pinch you.

Wrapping Up – What Do You Think Is best nose hair trimmer?

Hope you’ve got enough information now to select the best nose hair trimmer for your needs, whether you want to stick to old school manual methods or do a quick trim with an electric trimmer in the shower.

If you have a nose hair trimmer in mind that you think is the best nose hair trimmer, but which is not on our list, please share your thoughts in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you!


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