The Best Mens Toiletry Bag To Keep Your Stuff Together

When you travel, how do you transport your toiletries? Do you just dump everything on top of your clothes and then chuck everything out on the other side, in search of your toothbrush? Why should you consider separating your toiletries?  You only have deal with a busted bottle of shampoo or shaving cream once and you won’t ask this question again.

Well, you don’t have to live like a Neanderthal and you don’t have to turn into a complete metrosexual to have a good mens toiletry bag. The old school term for it, is a Dopp kit. It was first produced by Charles Doppelt, a leather goods designer, in the early 1900’s. These kits became popular during World War 2. They used to be issued to the GI’s. In the early 1970’s the brand name was purchased by Samsonite and it was acquired later by Buxton.

Did you know: Dopp kits used to be a gift given to teenage boys as they transitioned from boyhood to manhood.

How do you select the best mens toiletry bag?

To discover the best mens toiletry bag, let’s find out what qualities you should look out for.

Firstly, it should be a reasonable size, about eight to ten inches long or the size of a football will be big enough to hold your basic grooming tools such as your toothbrush, razor, shower gel and more. This size also isn’t too bulky to fit in a carry-on bag or backpack.

Next, it has to be water resistant. You will be leaving your bag in the bathroom while you’re showering or bathing. Chances are, some water will land on it some or other time. The material will also be absorbing the moisture from the bathroom steam.  Leather or waxed canvas usually make the best mens toiletry bag options.

Selecting the best mens toiletry bag might end up costing you a little bit more than just $10 but you will probably be using the same one for many years, maybe even decades. So it makes sense to make a good once-off investment. I’ll tell you about a few of my favorite mens toiletry bags, and then you can decide which one you like best.

The best mens toiletry bag options typically only have about two or four pockets. It doesn’t have to be complicated, or excessively stylish, you are looking for plain and simple to get the job done of transporting all your toiletries together when you head to the bathroom.

What can you store in a mens toiletry bag?

The best mens toiletry bag options can hold everything that you will be using in the bathroom to groom yourself. So this ranges from your toothbrush and toothpaste, to your razor and shaving cream or soap. Make sure it also has enough space for your shampoo and shower gel bottles.

Like I said, the two basic reasons for purchasing a good mens toiletry bag, is to keep everything together and to make sure there’s no shampoo disasters on your clothing while you’re travelling.

Our Top Choices For best mens toiletry bag

Here’s my top five choices for the best mens toiletry bag options currently available on Amazon.

Alpine Swiss Hudson Travel Toiletry Bag

Size: 9.5″ x 6″ x 5″.

A high quality, self-mending bag made from smooth materials with large zippers. It features an outside zippered pocket and clutch handle. It is made of rugged and durable ballistic polyester that will easily expand as you fill up the bag. The inside of the bag is lined and the bottom is padded. It has a special block where you can add your contact details.

Customers commented on the durability of the bag and the usefulness of the clutch handle, plus the sturdy metal zip pullers. It conveniently collapses when empty for easy storage, expands like an accordion when filled with toiletries. The ballistic polyester gives it the look of a leather bag, without costing you an arm and a leg. Please note, it is not water-resistant.

NeatPack Compact Hanging Toiletry Bag

Size: 8.5” x 8.2” x 3”

A rugged, water resistant bag with mesh pockets and a sturdy hook. Various zipped pockets to organize your toiletries. The zippered mesh pockets with elastic loops will keep your items secure while travelling.

You don’t have to unpack items or rummage around to find your things, with the metal hook you can hang the bag for quick access to your toiletries or spread it out on your bed. Unlike the average toiletry bag, this one will hold your product bottles upright. The main compartment was specifically designed to hold full-size bottles. This special feature helps to eliminate messes.

The bag is made of durable, water-resistant nylon fabric and antimicrobial mesh, plus the inside is lined to prevent any unwanted leaks. The high-quality zippers will stay securely closed, even when you really stuff the bag quite full.

Customers enjoy the fact that the bag is compact yet spacious and they are pleasantly surprised by how many toiletry products you can fit into the bag using all the various compartments.

Tip: to select the best mens toiletry bag for your specific situation, estimate the amount of toiletries you usually pack and how much space you want a bag to take up in your suitcase when you are going away for a weekend or longer trip.

Vetelli Leather Toiletry Bag with Travel Bottles

Size: 11″ x 6.2″ x 6.1″

I have to say, Vetelli is definitely one of my favorite Dopp kit designers. The vintage leather look makes you feel more like a man when you zip it open to take out your razor. But maybe that’s just me.

The bag uses the classic Dopp kit design style. This bag is both stylish and functional. The exterior is made from high quality PU leather and it is combined with a nylon inner lining plus a water resistant inner bottom. The steel zips with an antique finish are very durable.

It features two separate large zipped storage compartments to easily fit a wide range of toiletries and shave accessories. It has two inner zipped pockets as well, with two travel bottle mesh pouches. Two 2oz (60ml) silicon travel bottles are included.

The top compartment easily holds large toiletry products such as shave cream, large tube toothpaste, and shampoo bottles. The bottom compartment is perfect for smaller essential toiletries.

Customers are really impressed by the quality and functionality of this bag. Please note, the bag is not made from genuine leather. You would be paying double the price for authentic leather, but with this bag you have the best of both worlds, it looks great and is affordable.

Vetelli Hanging Toiletry Bag

Size: 12” x 8” x 2”

Another great vintage Italian style bag. This one is a bit bigger, with the added feature of a built-in hanger. Conveniently roll it up to fit in your travelling bag and spread it out on your bed or hang it in the bathroom when you need your toiletries.

The great thing about high grade PU leather, is that it’s so much easier to clean and maintain than other top-grain leather options. You get all the perks of leather, without the hassles and without overpaying. The interior combines PU leather with a canvas lining and the zips plus buckles are made of rust-proof stainless steel.

The bag has four internal pockets. It also features two snap-fastened square pockets. Vetelli offers a lifetime guarantee on their bags.

Customers mentioned that double stitching could be an element that can be changed on the bag, so try to not stretch the bag’s capacity too much. The bag is very functional as well aesthetically pleasing and you’ll get good value for your money.

Pure Sir Mens Luxury Toiletry Bag

Size: 10.5″ x 5″ x 5″

Durable toiletry bag made of PVC smooth material. The washable polyester inner lining allows you to keep your bag in an immaculate condition. It features two interior compartments that can fit travel-sized and full-sized items. Fold away the compartment you’re not using for more space in your suitcase.

The compressible compartments are double zippered. It is lightweight and the interior is waterproof. The seamless zippers will guarantee that your toiletries stay intact while you are travelling. You can attach the bag to your suitcase with the carrying handle.

Customers really enjoy the size of the bag, noting the convenience to also store other travel items in the bag if need be. The zippers are very durable with enough grip for easy use. The various compartments make it easy to separate toiletry products. The movable inside compartment divider is quite handy when you are squeezing lots of big items into the bag. The bag has the perfect balance between stylishness, practicality, quality and durability.

Which bag do I think is best mens toiletry bag?

And there you have it, my suggestions for the best mens toiletry bag options available on Amazon. Yes, you made the right deduction, my favorite is the Vetelli bag. I like the Hanging Toiletry Bag because it makes it so much easier to quickly find what you’re looking for inside the bag. And the rugged leather look just makes me feel a little bit more like a fancy gentleman.

What Do You Think – What Is best mens toiletry bag?

Is there a bag that you think is the best mens toiletry bag, but that is not on my list? If you have one in mind, please share your thoughts in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you!


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