What Is The Best Head Shaver? We Look At 5 Top Rated Options

What is the best head shaver? You might have decided to go for the clean shaven head look because your hair started to, uhm, detach itself from your scalp. Or maybe you just realized that you really like the macho clean shaven look.

Studies show bald men are sexier. You might be feeling like you are losing your masculinity, but in fact women will perceive you as more confident. The shaved head look will put you in the same league as Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel!


Before I jump into the 5 head shaves that I think are the best head shaver options out there, we need to take a minute and think about the other things we need to take into consideration first. For you to maintain the sexiness, I’ll tell you how to select the best head shaver for your needs.

Types of electric shavers

You can go the manual shaver route, but with the strange angles of your head to deal with, I would recommend an electric shaver as the best head shaver option.

Foil shavers have straight heads, with sensitive blades beneath a fine perforated foil to cut the hair. Rotary shavers typically have three circular heads that rotate to lift the hairs and then cut.

Mains shavers always need the power source to operate. Mains rechargeable shavers can be used plugged into the power source or cordless after charging. Cordless shavers gives you more freedom to move around, but you have to make sure they stay charged. Wet electric shavers are always cordless, but some mains rechargeable options can also be operated wet.

You might have made the logical deduction, shaving your head while there’s an annoying cord in the way, is not ideal. So I would say try a cordless shaver, because of its wet function as well.

Did you know: the first electric shaver was invented by Jacob Schick in 1930.

How to shave your head

Maybe you feel intimidated by the prospect of doing this yourself, but once you’ve gotten used to it, you will see it’s pretty much the same as shaving your beard.

Firstly, you need to make sure that your hair is trimmed down to stubble. Some shavers have other accessories you can attach, such as a trimmer. It doesn’t have to be evenly cut, just as short as possible.

Before you start shaving, make your hair and head as wet as possible. Try shaving after a shower, your hair will be softer and easier to shave. The wet and soft elements are important to reduce shaving bumps or ingrown hairs. Remember, we’re aiming for sexy, not scary.

You can decide if you want to use a shaving oil or a shaving cream, as long as you work it in nicely to the roots of your hair. The better you apply the lubricant, the easier the shave will be. Your head hair is a different texture than your beard hair, so you can’t assume that applying the same amount of lubricant will work just as well.

Like I said, I think the best head shaver option, is an electric one, but if you like manual, you should make sure you apply enough lubricant. The blade actions of an electric shaver helps a little bit to make the job easier, although some might argue that you get a closer shave with a manual razor.

First start shaving the softer or lighter hair. This way you will give your shaving lubricant a few extra moments to deal with the coarse hair, usually found at the back of your head.

Don’t rush, use slow and even strokes. You’ve got two options, shaving against the grain will produce the closest results. Shaving with the grain will cause the least irritation. Which way should you pick? It depend on your skin sensitivity. If possible, only pass over each area once to ensure the least irritation.

Tip: if your hair is coarse or curly, shave with the grain and only drag the razor once over each area. Your hair type is more prone to shaving bumps or ingrown hair.

By selecting the best head shaver, you can be reassured that with the first drag of the razor, you get the best results. This is why it’s so important to do a bit of research before investing in one.

After you’ve shaved, you can decide if you want to put on some aftershave, to deal with any possible irritation. Otherwise you can wash your head with some soap and water and towel dry it. Splash a bit of cold water over the shaved areas, this way you will close your pores.

If you only washed your head, you could consider lathering on some moisturizer to protect your skin. Look out for the ones containing Aloe Vera or Vitamin E.

The Best Head Shaver Options

OK, now that we know how to shave our heads, let’s look at a few of the best head shaver options you can invest in.

HeadBlade ATX Razor

This one is a manual razor, but just imagine how much fun it will be to race across your head while you make yourself look all sexy! The razor utilizes special multi-blade technology. It will give you a faster, easier and more efficient head shave.

It has a soft rubber finger grip with an ergonomic design to make sure your hand doesn’t slip while dragging the razor over your head. Comes with HB4 blades but it’s also compatible with HB6 blades.

A customer noted that you can get a five times closer shave with the ATX than an electric shaver. Others enjoyed the fact that the razor can deal with tough hair areas and follow the head contours to avoid cuts with the innovative spring-loaded blade design.

Remington Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

The kit includes a hand-held clipper, nine length-adjusting combs and cleaning brush. The stainless-steel blades will easily deal with even the thickest hair, reducing pulling and snagging. The Power Curve Blade System features an extra-wide curved blade that follows the contours of your head for maximum coverage plus the closest possible shave.

The clipper uses a Lithium, rechargeable battery with 40 minutes of cordless shaving time. The clipper is 100% waterproof, you can use it in the shower and conveniently clean it by rinsing it under a tap. With this kit you can first trim your hair down to a manageable length before you start shaving it.

Customers enjoy the improved model, commenting that it’s lighter and quieter. Some customers did complain that it has a very limited selection of hair lengths, more ideal for very short haircuts. But it’s perfect if you want to keep your hair short enough to regularly shave your head.

Wahl Professional Clipper

This clipper will cut surgically close! It is a professional salon-quality corded clipper, with a powerful electromagnetic motor, cutting twice as fast as the average clipper with a pivot motor. The cord is 8-foot long, so you want have to struggle to reach the back of your head. The kit includes a clipper, two attachment combs, blade oil, a cleaning brush and special blade guard.

The clipper is ideal for a quick, precise and effortless shave. You will feel like you’re in your own personal barbershop!

Customers commented on the precision of this clipper, with the shortest blade cutting to 0.2mm. It’s great for leaving just a hint of stubble, if you want people to still see your hairline. The guide combs make it easy for you to create multiple layers, if you want some texture instead of shaving off all your hair. The clipper won’t snag or slice your scalp.

Please note: if you want a complete clean-cut shave, you need to buy a razor, not a clipper.

Wahl Professional 8061-100 Rechargeable Shaver Shaper

The shaver can be operated with or without its cord, it will offer you a super-close and bump-free shaving experience. The blades are coated with hypoallergenic gold foil, great for sensitive skin. It will also reduce skin irritation and shaving bumps. The shaver is super lightweight.

Very easy to clean and sanitize after shaving. It includes rechargeable batteries for effortless cordless shaving. The great Wahl product quality will again offer you a barbershop experience in the comfort of your own home.

Customers are very impressed with how close it shaves, without causing shaving bumps. It shaves faster and closer when compared to competing brands. Some customers would have enjoyed a pop-up trimmer feature, though. The foil head is quite sensitive, so handle with care.

Philips Norelco Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Pro

The clipper features a unique 180° rotating head, to effortlessly reach even the most difficult spots on your head. It has 14 built-in length settings, ranging from less than an inch to 19/32 inches. The special head shave attachment and skin-friendly comb will deliver a perfectly smooth shave.

The powerful Lithium Ion battery can deliver up to 60 minutes of cordless use. A very useful feature, is the self-sharpening stainless steel blades. They are completely washable for effective cleaning. The kit includes a clipper, hair combs and cleaning brush. The precision trimmer comb is great for touching up your sideburns and around your ears.

Customers really enjoy the rotating head, it’s great for trimming the hard to reach areas. The self-sharpening blades are also a very popular feature. It’s lightweight with an ergonomic design for shaving convenience. The trimming guards are on the flimsy side, so handle these with care.

What Do You Think – What is The Best Head Shaver?

Above I listed the 5 head shavers that I think are the best head shaver options available, but obviously there are a lot of great head shavers out there! So more than likely there will be other opinions out there on which head shaver is in fact the best head shaver. If you have some thoughts or an opinion on a shaver, please share your thoughts in the comments section below and tell us which shaver you think is the best head shaver out there!

There you have it, hope I’ve helped you to select the best head shaver for your unique situation.


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