7 Habits To Better Posture

I am a tall person (near the 6’2 mark) and I sit in from of a computer most of the day, which is really not good for me as I tend to slouch a lot. Besides various other health risks as a result of sitting too much (check out these scary articles here and here if you are interested), I can really feel my posture taking a beating as a result of not sitting correctly in front of my desk. The more I am aware of my poor posture, the more I want to start pro-actively implement good habits to stop poor posture and rather promote good posture.

Below I put together a infographic that lays out some practical things we can do to promote good posture habits when we sit in from of a computer at a desk for long periods of time. Of course, these have to be habits that you implement consistently. Only doing it once or twice is not going to work!

7 Habits of Good Posture2

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